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How do I choose my specs?

More options than you can shake a stick at.

Designed to offer the highest level of custom options in the industry, the PS1 player stick expands beyond the normal custom process.

In addition to standard custom options, you will have the ability to select the exact length, weight and flex for you as well as blade stiffness options and a variety of grip types.  

Measure and match for your ideal flex.

In order to get the optimal flex, it’s recommended to select the proper length. The flex you choose will be applied directly to your length, taking the guesswork out of the equation. Additionally, the stick will be balanced according to your length and flex selection.

Grip it and rip it.

In addition to standard grip and non-grip we’ve included a new hybrid grip style called Sharkskin. With Sharkskin you have a lightly textured coating which increases grip without losing hand maneuverability. For the more traditional player we also offer matte and gloss non-grip finishes.

New product.
Familiar patterns.

We currently offer the industries most popular patterns.

Custom blade stiffness explained.

Choose either traditional stiff or extra stiff blade options.

Regular Stiffness

Better puck feel and quicker stick handling, the regular stiffness rating is ideal for players looking for puck control.


A stiffer blade designed for quicker release and maximum durability while maintaining good puck feel and balance.

Better price and service.

Receive expanded custom options and technology without sacrificing service or price. Our custom pro-level sticks are offered at a value and are made and shipped to you in around one week.

HOAPA Stick Lies:

28 Lie 5.5
88 lie 5
90 lie 4.5
91 lie 6
92 lie 6

Design your first HOAPA stick