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#Frequently asked questions

What kind of testing have you done for your products?

At HOAPA we have almost twenty years of experience engineering and producing hockey sticks and other carbon-fiber sports products. We have developed and produced our own stick testing machinery that ensures our products durability is held to the highest standard as well as fine tuning our sticks flex system meaning you will receive the exact flex you request regardless of the length.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We currently ship all of our products internationally expedited shipping services such as Fedex and DHL.

How long does it take to produce my custom stick?

Normally all sticks are produced and shipped within a maximum of 5 business days. The only case this would not be valid is during an emergency such as a typhoon or a national holiday which may slightly effect production abilities. We will announce if there is public holiday scheduled or any other disruption effecting production or shipping.

How can I pay for your products?

Currently we can accept payments via PayPal, which include accepting all major credit cards.

I’ve never seen so many options with a custom stick before! Tell me more about how to measure my stick length and flex?

We understand many customers have never experienced so many custom options. Below you can see some information on how to measure your stick and flex as well as our product options:

 Length: Normally most players measure their stick length from the ground to their nose, if not in skates. In skates the stick will then measure to your chin. Some players that prefer more stick handling may choose to go an inch or two shorter.

 Flex: This is different for all players. A stick flex is a measure of how much a stick bends or how stiff a hockey stick is when you apply force. The flex rating indicates how many pounds of force it takes to flex or bend the stick one inch. Choosing the right flex is a preference based mainly on skill level. The ideal flex can vary among players. 

 Stick Weight: This is also based on preference. We love our ultra-lightweight 385g senior sticks as they’re freakishly light while maintaining incredible balance but perhaps you’ve become accustomed to using a 405g stick or something else and would like to keep that weight? We give you the ability to choose a weight you’re comfortable with.

I’ve ordered a stick but decided the curve isn’t right for me, do you accept returns?

Unfortunately no, all sales are final as we cannot incur the cost of international returns, however we do offer a 30 day warranty meaning if your stick breaks during standard hockey use within 30 days of delivery you we will gladly send you a replacement.

I love what you guys are doing and would like to become an ambassador for your brand! I have a IG account with lots of followers and would like to share your products with them. How can we work together?

We are currently looking for ambassadors! If you are chosen as an ambassador you will receive a discount code for our products as well as a promo code for your followers! For more information please email us atsupport@hoapasports.comor via DM @hoapahockey on Instagram.

Do your sticks offer any kind of warranty?

Yes! All of our sticks come with a standard 30 days warranty. If your stick breaks during traditional hockey use, please submit your warranty claim here.